Fitness Center Treadmills

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  The 3 treadmills in the fitness center are currently down for inspection and repairs.  A technician will be out next week to analyze and make repairs as needed.  Until then, please refrain from using the treadmills.  Please remember to wipe down all fitness center items you use to promote hygiene and extend the lifespan of our equipment.
Thank you,
BridgeHampton Facilities Committee

Basketball Court Resurfacing

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The basketball court will be closed for resurfacing beginning on Tuesday, August 14th for approximately 2 weeks. Please do not try to use the court during repairs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Board Investigating Adding Lines to Tennis Courts for Pickleball

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Fellow Homeowners,

The BOD has been asked to consider Pickle Ball Courts. While the cost of building courts specifically for pickleball would be expensive, we are currently in process on resurfacing the tennis courts and can add pickle ball lines to one or multiple tennis courts. The BOD has heard concerns that the additional pickle ball lines would be distracting to tennis players, during league matches all four of our courts are typically utilized, and the net height for pickle ball is 34”, and for tennis play it is 36”.

We would like to hear input from as many homeowners as possible regarding the idea of adding pickle ball lines to the tennis courts. Please provide your feedback below by end of day Friday, July 27th. This topic will be discussed and voted on by the BOD at the Board meeting on 8/7.

Adding lines to courts for Pickleball

  • None of the Courts (48%, 10 Votes)
  • One Court (38%, 8 Votes)
  • Two Courts (14%, 3 Votes)
  • Three Courts (0%, 0 Votes)
  • All Four Courts (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 21

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Volleyball Gate Access

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Over the last week the Board has received several inquiries regarding access to/from the pool area through the volleyball gate.

Background:  Last year it came to the BOD’s attention that homeowners were able to use their personal keys to unlock the volleyball gate. Obviously, this is a safety hazard as individuals could gain access when no guard is on duty. When we had the vandalism last August a bicycle lock was added to that gate and has been in place since. Swim club management supplied that lock but in the transition the combination was not provided to all the guards. We have since replaced that combination lock with a keyed padlock.  This key has been provided to the guards.

Process this year:  If a homeowner wants to access the pool from the volleyball court, the lifeguards will need to unlock both the primary gate lock and the padlock using both keys.  The resident will also be required to swipe their key fob at the main entrance to verify they are a resident a good standing. If a resident wants to access the volleyball courts from the pool, the lifeguards will need to unlock the gate using both keys. The lifeguards’ number one priority is ensuring the safety of everyone enjoying the pool, we ask that you keep these requests to a minimum and access the pool through the main gate.

Long term solution:  the BOD has asked the facilities committee to price installing key fob access at the volleyball court, review the current policy and make a recommendation.

The Bridgehampton Neighborhood Board of Directors.

RFP Request for Pump House Maintenance

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The Bridgehampton Neighborhood Association Facilities Committee is currently seeking bids for the maintenance and renovation of our pumphouse shower area.  Final scope has not been reviewed and approved by the board, but we are in the fact-finding stage to evaluate several options.  Scope may include, pressure washing the pumphouse, removing some or all of the existing shower partitions, removing some shower plumbing, repair and replace wood rot, paint all trim and doors, patch concrete, evaluation of area for additional bathroom use.  If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact the Bridgehampton facilities committee at  To be considered contractors must express interest by 2/15/18 and be able to meet with the committee and have a preliminary proposal completed by 2/23/18.

Homeowner Feedback Regarding Shower Conversion

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Thank you to the homeowners that weighed in on ideas for the shower area conversion.  The facilities committee is currently reviewing that feedback and working to incorporate the ideas into a proposal for the Board of Directors to vote on.  We are planning on discussing the ideas and making a recommendation to the Board at the March 6th BOD meeting.  We hope you can join us for the discussion.


BridgeHampton Neighborhood Facilities Committee